Law Enforcement

Strategic Goal: Continue to partner with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and focus enforcement on drug dealers while directing addicts through social services. 


1.      Ensure drug dealers are prosecuted through the justice system

2.      Ensure users are provided resources for treatment 

3.      Strengthen ties with U.S. Attorney’s Office, Prosecutor’s Office, local and federal law enforcement agencies



For the past 40 years, we have been fighting the drug war in the same manner.  It has become increasingly obvious during the past decade that we cannot arrest our way out of the drug problem. We must attack this issue on both the supply and demand side. At the state and local levels, there are many common sense approaches we can take to make our area and state a more difficult place to sell illegal drugs while also helping addicts into treatment programs.


1.      Expansion of drug courts and Day Report Center

 Drug Courts and Day Report Center    

The Berkeley County Recovery Resource Center works with the DRC and Drug Courts a treatment alternative to incarceration for nonviolent offenders whose substance abuse problems have led to legal involvement. Supervision and treatment services provided by the BCRRC will accomplish two goals: 1) To provide much needed substance abuse treatment and drug screening which is not available in the Eastern Regional Jail to appropriate offenders 2) To save taxpayers money. The cost to incarcerate an offender in the Eastern Regional Jail is $1,500/month. The cost to place an offender in treatment at the BCRRC is $450/month. 

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